International Kung Fu Championship 2011


Guo Zhu Cup 2010 in Amsterdam

The Team of the Netherlands Hung Gar Association (NHGA) had a very pleasant meeting with the Old Skool actor Gordon Liu, famous for films like the '36th Chamber of Shaolin' and 'Kill Bill'. He was present as honoured guest at the Guo Zhu Cup 2010 held on Sunday May 29th. in Amsterdam. Many people were gathered, especially from the Amsterdam Chinese community, to see their star. He was most delighted to make pictures and sign photographs. He gave a fine exhibition of Tiger-Crane and some liondance drumming.

There were 15 teams present to compete. The team of the NHGA consisted of Sifu Raimundo Rodrigues, Reinier Hoving and Stephan Studzinski. Sifu Klaas Padberg, manager of the EHGA, was chief judge at this annual Tournament of Traditional Kung Fu.

How many year have you practiced martial arts?