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Hung Gar Masters of the Fifth Generation.

The site www.wushuboxer.com has published a chart to honour the Hung Gar masters of the fifth Generation.

It mentions the founders of the EHGA, Sifu Luigi Martone and Sifu Klaas Padberg Evenboer and our member Sifu Martin Sewer.

To this link http://www.wushuboxer.com/hunggarpersonalities4.htm the complete page on the web site.

The Hung Gar style

The HUNG GAR (or HUNG GA or HUNG KUEN) belongs to one of the Kung Fu branches, the one under the name NAAM KUEN (or NAN QUAN).

The root of this style were born in the Shaolin temple (Honan first and Gwangdong after the destruction of the first one).

Traditionally we assume that the first Master in this style was Hung Hei Gwoon who was a student of Abbot Ji Sin.

After Hung Hei Gwoon many great master follow his teachings: Luk Ah Choi, Wong Tai, Wong Kay Ying and Tit Kiu Sam. But the most famous master we can remember, also because of the big number of film dedicated to him, is Wong Fei Hung.

Wong Fei Hung

With him, the modern history of Hung Gar has began.

Nowadays the Hung Ga is considered the "Keeper" of the Siu Lam Temple's ancient boxing, because it has kept the original training, both for the fighting space and for the healty exercises, made to better the QI's control.

In the Hung Ga is preferred the use of the arms; the techniques are very powerful, with stable positions. Usually kicks are not higher than the groin. Also the "bridge's techniques" are very important. With this name are mentioned all the locking techniques which contemporary turn out as attack ones.

There are different kind of training made to improve the bodily strengh. The best well-know are the exercise of the three stars and the exercise with the "wood dummy". Also lot of forms, both with weapons or nacked hands, are handed on during the practice of the Hung Ga style. These forms, then, could be carried out by one or two people. The training's plan changes among the different schools.


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