March 2012: 3th Wong Fei Hung Day!!!

Dear Hung Gar Brothers,

to extend the knowledge of the Hung Kuen it’s our will to celebrate the

3th Wong Fei Hung Day

date: March 18th 2012
place: everywhere!

These are the details of this celebration day:
– Every school can participate to this event without moving to another country. Every school, or country can organise as they want.

– The important is to organise events about the Hung Ga Kuen and the root of this Kung Fu style and especially about Wong Fei Hung.

– After that day everyone is invited to send dvd with pictures and videos at this address “Luigi Martone: Via dei limoni 29b, 00172 Roma, Italy”. As soon as we can we will produce a dvd with events and pictures we will have received.

– You can, of couse, put your video and pics into your other place such as your web site or YouTube ( . In this case don’t forget to put the tag “wfhday2012″ that help other people to find the events’ videos more easly.
Due to your interest for this event we are working to create a new dedicated website for every annual celebration.

Take a look at and Facebook (new!) wongfeihungday

In China this is the 170th anniversary of the Wong Fei Hung Celebration Day but this is the third year af this international world wide celebration!!!

If you want to receive the DVD about the 3th Wong Fei Hung Day feel free to ask us for it and let us know your address.
Let us know your intention to join this event. We will promote the day as much as we can.

Please write to for every information you need.