Great success for the 1st Wong Fei Hung Day all over the world!!!! Videos and pictures from all over the world!

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1st Wong Fei Hung Day
kept on March 22th 2009


Dear Hung Gar Brother!

the passed Wong Fei Hung Day 2009 was a great success all over the world! We’ve known that seminars, stages, open lessons had taken place in many countries such as Italy, Netherland, Hong Kong, USA and Germany and many other!

Now we have to collect all the material such as videos and pictures from all the events to make the DVD for the international donation. A professional enterprise will help us with the post production and to make and sell the dvd.

The DVD is also a hard demonstration that Hung Gar is a real one Family all over the world! You will see schools from the most important family lineage work together for an high ideal!

No matter from which lineage you came! You are an Hung Gar Wong Fei Hung pupil!

Below is a simple evidence of the celebrations that were kept all over the world!


Celebration of Wong Fei Hung Day 2009 from Philippines. School of Sifu Frank Bolte of the Lau Family.


Video de la Ceremonia de Despertar a los Leones “Hoy Gong”, durante la Celebración del Día de Wong Fei Hung en México.


Commemoration in Switzerland, Zurich in the kung fu school of Master Martin Sewer together with Grandmaster Chiu Chi Ling, to our hero and grand master Wong Fei Hung with a greate celebration. This video shows the ceremonie held by Grandmaster Chiu Chi Ling, Master Martin Sewer and his students.


Wong Fei Hung Day 2009 in Germany. BO CHI LAM Hung Kuen Guan Sifu Han 德國 黃飛鴻 寶芝林
洪家拳 Wong Sai Wing Lineage. GM Huynh Lu Yang


Italy celebrated Wong Fei Hung Day with a “double teaching seminar” with Sifu Luigi Martone and Sifu Francesco Palmieri”. More than 50 students came from their school and other schools from Rome and the rest of Italy.